All photos by Lindsey Denman Photography

By Ian Bremner

Wednesday April 1. The Crocodile. Seattle, Washington

The lights dimmed to a reddish hue while Chris De Burgh’s rendition of “The Lady In Red” started playing in its beautifully cheesy nature as Nashville pop/punk rockers JEFF The Brotherhood took the stage in all of their acid wash glory. Overheard behind me was a 35 year old-ish man who leaned over to his buddy and said in complete deadpan, “I am fairly confident this is going to fucking rule.”

Soon the brothers Jake and Jamin Orrall began the set with Voyage Into The Dream, from their brand new album Wasted On The Dream. They bounced around songs from throughout their ever-growing catalog, mixing in a few covers including Beck’s Totally Confused and Satori Pt II by Flower Travellin’ Band. With the 90’s rock, fluorescent color schemes, smoke machine and guitars, stepping into the Crocodile Wednesday was pretty much like voyaging into a dream.

All photography by Lindsey Denman Photography (

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From their earlier in the day KEXP session