By Ian Bremner

2 Years ago, Mayer Hawthorne and Jake One teamed up to put out a 3-track EP called, TuxedoIt appears that those jams weren’t the only jams to have been conceived by the funk fathers. A full-length album is out now on Stones Throw Records.

Legendary Seattle slap-beat extraordinaire, Jake One lays the perfect funkdation for Mayer Hawthorne to croon disco tunes over. Their mission is to bring funk & disco back to the funkfront. Legend will tell you the two met several years back through their shared love of boogie tracks. They traded mixtapes called AR MUSIC and SHOOT THE DUCK and soon found a collaborative effort inevitable.

The dynamic-disco duo created 12 songs with a near equal panty-dropping:party-starting ratio for all to enjoy. As the album cover suggests, the first impulse may be to throw on a suit jacket (or cocktail dress, ladies!) and get those hips in motion.

Get funked, get pumped, “Stay Classy”

Full Album

TUXEDO 4 track sampler on soundcloud

Official Video for NUMBER ONE

Live version of SO GOOD in a Nissan

Official Video for DO IT