0498_3.tif172c_1[1]By Ian Bremner

To celebrate the upcoming Major League Baseball season, we shed light on career backup infielder, Lenny Randle. He juggled up and down the minor leagues and got some big league time with the then-Washington Senators, Rangers, Mets, Yankees, Cubs and Seattle Mariners. Though his career statistics are modest to say the least, and he never really sniffed an all-star game, his off-the-field contributions are arguably more impressive.

Seemingly recorded sometime in 1981-82 during his Mariners tenure, Lenny Randle and his band, The Ballplayers pay homage to the city’s beloved concrete masterpiece and Mariners’ home park, the Kingdome.
The Seattle landmark stood from 1976 to 2000 and was either a pretty good place to catch a game or the worst eyesore in town depending on who you talk to. Nonetheless, Lenny Randle seemed to have an affinity for it.

Kingdome wasn’t the only song Lenny and The Ballplayers put out. In the aptly named, I’m A Ballplayer, Lenny confesses his profession and his love for the ladies on the road. He likes singles, he likes to mingle. He wasn’t one to hit the “long ball,” but pretty sure chicks just generally dig ball players. A funk musician too? Lenny was truly a double-threat.

*Not sure what the final ruling was on this foul ball, but Lenny really knew how to play the field