By Ian Bremner


If you own a computer and had it on at some point during South By Southwest last week, you definitely have heard of Courtney Barnett. The Aussie rocker must have either played 400 sets there, or just caught everyone’s eyes and ears at the same time. Barnett seems to ignore all common songwriting methods. Her songs are short stories that sometimes rhyme, sometimes don’t, but either way, flow seamlessly together like you were sitting at a table drinking a Foster’s with her. She’s known for the smart, long-winded, poetic lyrics over crunchy and groovy, left-handed guitar. The fact she is left-handed doesn’t matter, but it looks cool.

Technically, her debut album, Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit, goes along with the whole, stream-of-consciousness vibe she lives in. The first single off the record, is Pedestrian At Best, which has more a raucous, punk flavor than most of, A See A Split Peas (her double EP) tracks like Avant Gardner or History Eraser. She can make a song out of seemingly everyday interactions. The opening track, Elevator Operator, is about  guy’s mundane work life, but the way Barnett uses descriptions of the sidewalk, homeless people and elevators along the way make you listen intently. She does not seem to take herself too seriously, which is nearly always endearing but her talent is serious business. Plus, she’s the type of person you just want to shoot the shit with.

In your best Australian accent, rock on.

Full album, Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit


Official Video for Pedestrian At Best


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