By Colin Dierckinsunnamed

Seattle’s own experimental electro-pop duo NAVVI released their debut EP // back in November of 2014, catching everyone off guard. The 5 track EP is a refreshing distraction that beautifully blends Kristin Henry‘s voice seamlessly with the up tempo dark synth beats of bandmate Brad Boettger.

Meshing the sounds of a variety of genres, NAVVI is like the gorgeous love child of producer extraordinaire Clams Casino, Purity Ring, and (Old Rookie Favorite) Florence Welch. For super fans of the aforementioned artists, that comment might seem like a bit of a stretch, but in all honesty // is chalk full of layered synth-beats and ghostly melodies that will leave you in a musical trance and wanting more.

NAVVI is currently touring up and down the West Coast, with gigs in L.A. and San Francisco. They return home on April 21st to play the Sunset Tavern, which is guaranteed to be a can’t miss show.

// EP

Official video for Weekends

Twitter: @NAVVIband