screen-shot-2015-02-10-at-8-13-20-amBy Ian Bremner

True to the name of their new album, the Alabama Shakes have added some Sound & Color to their style. Lead singer, Brittany Howard has seemingly never been low on confidence on stage, but she has truly launched into full blown rock star. She is one of those artists you hear or see live and you are just drawn to. Your eyes are glued and your ears are full.

Where their debut album, Boys & Girls, was good ol’ fashioned garage blues rock, they took things a step further to include funk, soul and some punk. They have been compared to some of the 70’s rock n roll greats, and while there is a definite soul to the music, there is also a modern sound that brings a certain freshness to your body and mind.

The ‘Shakes are on tour now, but they have used Saturday Night Live and Coachella to show off some of the new flavor in recent weeks.

Future People

Gimme All Your Love

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