By Ian Bremner

Much has been spoken about the leaps and bounds into soul and funk for the Alabama Shakes and Frontwoman/Rockgod Brittany Howard’s second album, Sound And Color. But Sometimes she just wants to ROCK THE HELL OUT. What’s the connection here? Call it an “alter ego” or “side project,” whatever, but it seems like the ‘Shakes are just a day job for Howard and she moonlights as Thunderbitch.

thunderbitch[1]Surprise albums are all the rage these days, and usually comes when someone SUPER famous hasn’t dropped an album in a few years. That’s not totally the case with Thunderbitch. The Alabama Shakes are enjoying glorious success touring the world and blowing minds at huge festivals as we speak, and people tend to notice when a gritty rock and roll record from Nashville came out as Thunderbitch. It didn’t take long for word to get out that Miss Brittany has herself another bitchin new album.

Thunderbitch is noiser and louder than most previous material from “Matt Man,” “Thundermitch,” “Char Man” and “A Man” (Got to love nicknames). Essentially, it’s made up of Alabama Shakes, Fly Golden Eagle and Clear Plastic Masks. All 3 of these bands are soulful, talented and know how to rock, so it is naturally cool when like minded musicians can come together and spaz out on record and it sounds awesome.

Listen to Thunderbitch and buy their album, bitches HERE

My Baby Is My Guitar (not finished studio version)