By Ian Bremner

When Vanessa Carlton released her dreamy pop 4 song EP, Blue Pool back in August, the change in tone was noticeable. Newly married with a daughter in tow, Carlton is no longer the pop youtube sensation of the early 00’s.

All four songs for the EP made the album cut for Liberman. There is an eerie tinge to the 10 track, 35 minute album, with steady piano and haunting, but sweet vocals. The entire thing is easy listening, but there a few standouts like Operator, which features a hard drum beat paired with Carlton’s signature piano coupled with an overlaying keyboard presence.

Liberman probably won’t launch her back into the pop culture spotlight, but that doesn’t sound like the point of it. It sounds atmospheric and modern and exactly how Carlton wants to sound, thereby, success.

Official video for Operator

Liberman in full via spotify