(Artwork by Travis Millard @theotherfudge)

By Ian Bremner

Kurt Vile’s new record, b’lieve i’m goin down, could be argued to be his best. It is certainly one of his moodiest and a near perfect fit for nearly any vibe.

Creating a vibe live is a whole new animal and that is what Kurt Vile seems to do best. His shows range from quiet and dark to loud and full blown rock n roll. While rocking out and singing, he is usually switching between pedals and volume levels and instruments. His shyly confident and off-kilter banter makes Kurt Vile live all the better.

While in New York recently touring, b’lieve i’m goin down, he played a few songs for Spotify. Three of the five songs are from the new record. The other two are some stretched out versions of Girl Called Alex and Goldentone from 2013’s, Wakin’ On A Pretty Daze

b’lieve i’m goin’ down Spotify Sessions