By Ian Bremner

Watching the Amoeba Record’s series ‘What’s In My Bag,’ is great way to discover new music. It shows artists shopping for records, then explaining their picks at the end. Depending on how big of music nerd the artist is, it can go pretty deep into their influences, favorite producers, samples, instrumentalists, and old records. Watching Sylvan Esso’s picks, it is clear they both are very expansive in their listening and also obsessed with SOUND.

Half of Sylvan Esso, is Nick Sanborn, the producer to Amelia’s vocals (and killer dance moves). It doesn’t take long to realize Nick Sanborn is in to some pretty heady stuff and is constantly reaching to hit the outer spectrums of noise. He has made solo music as Made Of Oak on the side, and he recently released an official EP, Penumbra. MADE-OF-OAK_Penumbra_Cover_1000x1000[1]

Penumbra is a moody, instrumental five track EP full of trippy sounds ranging from acoustic guitar strumming to inexplicable, stretched out electronic synths. The jingly bell sounds may ring familiar with some Sylvan Esso tracks, but Penumbra is in its own world.


Amoeba Records’ What In My Bag series: Sylvan Esso

Listen to Penumbra in Full via Spotify