By Ian Bremner

Before getting dropped from Warner Brothers, Jake and Jamin Orrall of JEFF The Brotherhood were out touring a covers EP, Dig The Classics, because they just could not wait for their major label debut, Wasted On The Dream to come out. It had been complete for nearly a year, but whether it was politics, business or stubbornness, it was taking forever for Warner to put out the album. In the press, the brothers talked about having almost a whole new album done already and they were just waiting for things to drop. Finally, JTB released a letter saying they had been “dropped by the demented vulture” known as Warner Brothers Records and that Wasted On the Dream would come out on their own label, Infinity Cat, which had released all of their prior records.

Wasted On The Dream had the flare of a major label record, with poppy hooks, 90s’ grunge and drew comparisons to Weezer. It was a bit of a departure from their fuzzy haziness grunge flavor, and it is a highly enjoyable record to listen to. Despite its sound, however, you could tell JEFF The Brotherhood was already on to some other wave by the time it came out.

Less than 1 year later, JEFF is back with a worldly double LP, Global Chaka Rhythms, which is absolutely nothing like Wasted On The Dream. Where Wasted’ was a compact, 39 minute punch to the face, Global Chaka Rhythms is a long, stretched out sonic road trip. It still possesses the same JEFF character, but it is nearly twice as long and has a very meditative feel. It’s sounds as therapeutic as it must have felt to make for the Nashville brothers.

Mixing Jake’s fuzzy guitar solos with long organ sounds, sythths, a piano and Jamin’s signature drumming, the album takes your ears around the globe and back.

Global Chaka Rhythms via Spotify or Soundcloud

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