By Ian Bremner

After countless shows, albums and years holding on to a certain identity, sometimes you need to bust out. Perhaps that’s what Matt Berninger thought. Berninger is known for his somber, haunting vocals for the highly acclaimed band, The National.

Though the sound of his voice is familiar, the tone and energy of his new group, EL VY is on a whole new level. He and Brent Knopf of Menomena and Ramona Falls teamed up to create one of those “Indie Supergroups” you just love hearing about. Stylistically, the sound and writing may be similar to the National, but the difference is in the vibe and chemistry. EL VY put together a full record of fresh new sounds.

EL VY, which is pronounced like “Plural-Elvis,” brings some soulfully smooth rock n roll with enough pop sunshine to lift the spirits. The lyrics are sometimes silly, but coming from Berninger, you can feel a sense of relief. Berninger and Knopf have been friends for over a decade, but after years of exchanging ideas, the two sad-styled music men came together to find the light and we are grateful for it.

Listen/Watch the KEXP session from when EL VY came through Seattle on their debut tour and listen to the full album, Return To The Moon via spotify

Return To The Moon via spotify