By Ian Bremner

After their January tour, Those Darlins announced they will be taking an indefinite hiatus, which sounds like a slightly more pleasant way to announce a breakup. Co-Front women, Jessi Zazu and Nikki Kvarnes are talented visual artists and have other art projects on the side so perhaps this will allow them to focus on other passions. The music they made will live on and still be listened to frequently and forever. Sometimes turning the page just helps you move on.

Jessi Zazu and Nikki Kvarnes may be the only original members of Those Darlins, as changes in the lineup have limited the stability of the Nashville rock n rollers. The two women stand for empowering females in rock n roll and everyday life. They are talented singers, songwriters and guitar players. Those Darlins’ shows are some of the most fun. Jessi Zazu will rip a guitar solo and stare you dead in the soul with her large eyes. Nikki Kvarnes will drop the guitar, take control of the mic and go full rock star. They started off with a very ragged, boozy folk tinge, before morphing into more classic rock with electric solos.

Here is an homage to Those Darlins over the years. Here’s to wishing them the best of luck in whatever they choose to do. Talent will win out.

The last song they leave us with a cover of Divine’s Female Trouble

Screws Get Loose

Be Your Bro

Glass To You

Keep My Skillet Good And Greasy

In The Wilderness

That Man

Oh God

Too Slow