By Ian Bremner

“Prolific” is the one word often associated with Ty Segall. It makes sense too. He is 28 years old with 10 solo albums, various EPs, 2 or three different bands and is always up to something good.

His newest incarnation is a band he calls “The Muggers” and they are a deadly force. He recruited Mikal Cronin and King Tuff as guitar players, with Emmett Kelly, Corey Hanson and Evan Burrows filling out the extremely tight and fuzzy group.

In addition to the album cover itself, Segall has spent parts of the current tour performing with a creepy baby mask on. The album, Emotional Mugger, is loud, guitar heavy, all over the place and oddly beautiful.

Watch Ty – Dr. Ty Segall,PHD, Founder of Emotional Mugger Institute, rather describe the newfound diagnosis of Emotional Mugging below


First listen is fun, but it grows better and better every time through. PLAY IT LOUD!

Emotional Mugger

1) squealer – 0:00
2) californian hills – 3:47
3) emotional mugger / leopard priestess – 6:56
4) breakfast eggs – 12:17
5) diversion – 14:53
6) baby big man (i want a mommy) – 18:29
7) mandy cream – 21:13
8) candy sam – 24:30
9) squealer two – 27:47
10) W.U.O.T.W.S. – 31:11
11) the magazine – 34:13