By Ian Bremner

Much like their live show, the Freedom Band does not release new music, they unleash it into the world. Ty Segall and his incredible backing band consisting of The Cairo Gang‘s Emmett Kelly, Mikal Cronin, Charles Moothart are one of rock n roll’s most pure groups. Their sound is unadulterated explosion, but with precision and elegance that is difficult to comprehend unless you’ve been to a show.

Deforming Lobes is the new live record from Ty Segall and the Freedom Band. The album leans on cuts from recent material like 2016’s Emotional Mugger, 2017’s Ty Segall and last year’s incredible Freedom’s Goblin, but consists of songs from Segall’s insanely extensive catalog. From the first track, Warm Hands, you can undoubtedly tell what you are in for; Pure power. It is a 9 minute burner with fierce drums and bass, tempo changes and screeching guitar.

For an artist as relentless as any, Deforming Lobes is an important piece to the entire puzzle for Segall. Fans use to multiple new records a year never become apathetic because he continues to find new ways to encapsulate exactly what the Freedom Band is all about.

Deforming Lobes is out now on Drag City Records

Listen to Deforming Lobes via spotify

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