By Ian Bremner

Jack Cooper and James Hoare were both on tour in separate bands when they met. They quickly realized they shared a lot in common musically, and anyone who has listened to the two of them make music can probably see why.

The two men from London not only write similarly, but sound similar as well. When the come together as Ultimate Painting, it truly is hard to tell whose part is whose. Dusk is the third album from the duo and although it may be easy to label them as “indie pop,” they have a clean musicality to them that makes for supremely easy listening.

As the name suggests, Dusk, sounds good in dim lighting like a lot of good 60’s pop records. It’s quiet, yet full of sound. It’s guitar pop, yet poetic.

Listen to Bills (above), Song For Brian Jones and the entire Dusk album in full

Song For Brian Jones Video

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