By Ian Bremner

You should never look at someone’s journal without 100% clarified permission. If, and only if, a special someone gives you the go-ahead to open up and take a peak, you may notice that everyone has their own issues occupying their brain space. Whether you’ve had similar experiences or not, you mostly likely will be able to relate it back to yourself in one way or another.

julia-jacklin-press-10Julia Jacklin‘s debut album, Don’t Let The Kids Win, plays like a musical journal sharing time. It’s highly personal and based on personal experiences, but the feelings elicited can be reflected to the individual listener. Jacklin joins an impressive new wave of new songwriters, but her particular emotional outlets are unique to her. As a 26-year old woman from Australia, it seems as her struggles growing up are similar to what we all go through. You may not own the same blue dress, but you own the same feeling she describes in Same Airport, Different Man.

A gifted singer and songwriter sharing a garage living space with 5 other adults in Grebe, Australia, she decided it had come time to record an album. The original plan was to self-release it and continue playing shows in cafes and for her friends. Once the record was done and her manager heard it, he decided it was really damn good and deserved a proper platform. A few labels came after her after a successful SXSW showing, and luckily for us listeners, Polyvinyl Records got a hold of it for a proper release. It’s kind of frightening to think of how many great artists and great albums never see the light of day due to this process. Now Julia Jackin finds herself on “top album” lists and touring all over the world.

Don’t Let The Kids Win via spotify

Pool Party (Official Video)

Don’t Let The Kids Win (Official Video)