By Ian Bremner

Going out on a limb and stating there are very people in the world who share a similar resume to Faye Webster. She is a hip hop photographer in Atlanta, has shot large ad campaigns for Nike and other prestigious companies AND is a tremendously talented folk singer.

As a self-taught guitar player, music came fairly quickly to Webster so she spent most of her time focusing on other arts like photography. In Atlanta, she connected with rapper Ethereal, who runs Awful Records. She was then able to integrate herself into the art community in Atlanta and seemingly explore all aspects of her creative spectrum. Known as a mostly rap label, Awful Records ended up putting out Webster’s new album.

Faye Webster’s recently released self-titled record was her first since 2013. Her soft voice glides over country-tinged folk tunes that meld together a unique blend that would attract fans of indie rock, and singer/songwriters. Shooting photography for the likes of Killer Mike, D.R.A.M., Lil YachtyOffset of Migos and Ethereal, her folky sound is not necessarily what you might expect, but that’s all a part of the package.

Having just finished up a tour with Julia Jacklin, it seems Faye Webster could be comfortable in any artistic situation. It’s all in the company you keep as they say, but Webster’s new solo album speaks entirely on it’s own.

 Take a listen to Faye Webster via spotify

Watch the video for She Won’t Go Away