By Ian Bremner

A real bluesman has every right to be upset by what passes as “blues” these days. Any pop song with a smooth guitar riff and decent voice gets described as “bluesy.” Texas native, Black Joe Lewis has had enough. Black Joe Lewis learned the blues the old fashioned way. Teaching himself a few chords, listening to his Dad’s old records and digging those crates, man.

What started as playing Lightnin’ Hopkins covers around town turned into a full blown rock n roll band once Lewis linked up with his band, The Honeybears. Now with 5 records under the belt, each with it’s own unique twist, Lewis and company decided to get back to the straightforward blues. They have done exactly that with the new record, The Difference Between Me And You. In typical Black Joe Lewis fashion, their new “blues” record is packed full of punk rock and grunge-d up soul.

Even if you don’t follow Black Joe Lewis on twitter, it doesn’t take much to figure out he holds no bars when it comes to spitting the truth. The Difference Between Me And You shares tales of real life human issues, isolation on the road on tour, and today’s struggle with culture and it’s appropriation. He manages to find new ways to tackle these complex issues, all to the backdrop of blistering rock n roll.

People often say all you need for a country song is “three chords and the truth.” Perhaps something similar could be said for the blues. Some real life shit and some good ol’ guitar thrashing seems to work just fine for Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears.

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