Cass McCombs - Tip Of The Sphere

By Ian Bremner

Listening to a Cass McCombs record is consenting to an exploration to the edge. His music touches all parts of the globe, but intertwines into the world he has created for himself. The new record, Tip Of The Sphere sees McCombs reaching higher and going deeper into specific soundscapes he has experimented with over the years.

Tip Of The Sphere is mellow and relaxing, but you can never get too comfortable because the sounds are always changing on a whim. What Cass McCombs has always been good at is showing everything he has to offer within an hour long album. The new record takes it all up a notch. The Great Pixely Train Robbery is a jaunty country tune with vivid story telling. Absentee is piano-led, jazzy number. Real Life features transient bongo drums with a slight echo. Just as you’re settling in, the electronic drum machine, spoken word track, American Canyon Sutra comes at you to mess with the equilibrium.

Cass McCombs is a rare breed that can dip into all these different works and sound completely natural. Bouncing back and forth between his different wheelhouses IS his wheelhouse.

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