Jessica Pratt - Quiet Signs

By Ian Bremner

With nothing more than a few simple piano notes and light guitar strumming, Jessica Pratt is able to create an experience that goes beyond the normal listening experience. Her music is less about what you hear through the ears, and more a full-bodied feeling.

Jessica Pratt’s new album Quiet Signs is her first full recording outside her own bedroom. Despite the access to new tricks, the songs are still deeply rooted in her own hushed environment. Listening to Quiet Signs sounds like a forgotten folk hero you’d stumble upon from the 1970’s. There’s a past-life quality to her work. The songs are new, but they feel like they’ve existed forever, trapped in a silent chamber while your brain plays tricks on you.

Pratt perhaps has more in common with the forgotten cult folk luminaries, than anyone in 2019, but that is what garners her so much respect from her contemporaries. Her singing style is bare yet sharp, with gaps where you can nearly hear the surrounding silence. Her voice is kept at low volumes and yet cuts through the air to create a booming sound.

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