By Ian Bremner

A man known for his many collaborations, The Cairo Gang is where Emmett Kelly takes the vocal reins and gets to do his damn thing. Untouchable, the new record out now on God? (Ty Segall‘s Drag City Records imprint) features far more pop sensibilities than Kelly has gotten to play in recent years as Ty Segall’s usual band mate. This record was co-produced by Ty and Emmett with Ty behind the drums during recording.

Untouchable sprinkles glittering guitar all over the place, pays not-so subtle homages to The Velvet Underground and Tom Petty and is one of those straight forward rock n roll records that are becoming increasingly more rare in the experimental indie spheres.

After time spent in Chicago, Kelly lives in Los Angeles and he very much is a product of his surroundings. Though there are peaceful California vibes throughout the record, there is an unquestionable amount of gritty cityscape underneath it all.

Listen to two singles from Untouchable via soundcloud