By Ian Bremner

Playing guitar since he was 12 years old up and down the California coast, Charles Moothart has most definitely achieved full shredder status on just his second LP. Having just moved to LA, Moothart (CFM) has already firmly entrenched himself in the prolific Los Angeles rock n roll record-making crew of Mikal Cronin, Ty Segall, Emmett Kelly (The Cairo Gang).

There is an interesting division to CFM’s latest record. Accurately titled Dichotomy Desaturated, the ten track album pushes into nearly everything going on in the musical world of Charles Moothart. A frequent Ty Segall collaborator (Fuzz), Moothart is currently the head-crushing drummer in Segalls Freedom Band, and while there are parts of Dichotomy Desaturated like the tracks Lethal Look and Rise & Fall that would certainly fit on a Segall record, he has more than taken on his own identity. In contrast, the back half of the LP is stretched out, getting louder and more hectic, until it’s not. Then the calm hits. There is as much push as there is pull throughout.

Dichotomy Desaturated is a glowing result of mixing influences, environment and personal flair. It’s full of garage riffs, thrashing drums, Sabbath-like vocals and enough acoustic touch to put that west coast polish over top of it all.

Out April 7 In The Red Records, buy HERE