Israel Nash - Rain Plans

By Ian Bremner

You know when you subconsciously see a name on a concert poster stapled to a wooden pole in the street, brush passed it with absolutely zero regard, then two weeks later, someone sends you a link to an album that captures you and you realize it was that damn band from the poster that played here two weeks ago? Damnit!

That feels like an appropriate metaphor for Israel Nash. He talks of touring Europe for years without gaining much traction in the states until now. It appears as some stars are starting to align for the southern sound maker. Prior to the recently released, Israel Nash’s Rain Plans, he’s released two previous albums of near equal sound, but the new record is so vivid, it’s hard to ignore. Bad news is that it took this long. Good news is that it’s here now and there is proof that if you make high quality art, at some point it will reach the right people with the right ears at the right time.

Rain Plans plays like a Texas version of Laurel Canyon. 9 tracks, 45 minutes of natural imagery, with a rolling, classic 70’s vibe that sounds good in the sun or rain.

make plans with the whole album in all its glory