By Ian Bremner

Some artists are constantly fighting to prove their authenticity. In an industry that will cling to any redeeming factor that can prove to be marketable to wider audiences, Charley Crockett seems to possess everything needed for stardom. For the last several years, Crockett has gone about his business quietly and under the radar, letting the music and his showmanship speak for itself.

A sharp-dressed man, with a well-trimmed beard, crooked cowboy hat and a weathered southern draw, Crockett commands a stage with ease. His music is straightforward and honky-tonk made. He cut his musical chops in the New Orleans streets and in and around Texas playing to anyone who will listen. A lot more people are about to get added to that list.

Crockett has been pumping out material since 2015, spanning 3 albums of original tunes and lot of classic deep cut country covers. His new record, Lonesome As A Shadow, is injected with a lot more southern soul. On his 4th record, recorded in Memphis, Tennessee, Crockett blends some newfound grooves in with the dusty country sound of Texas and his own traditional Cajun roots.

Whether it’s the straight honky-tonk tunes like Goin’ Back To Texas, or the RnB infused Ain’t Gotta Worry Child, Crockett has delivered some barn burning dance numbers. A song like Oh, So Shaky will get you cutting a rug no matter your preferred genre delineation.

Lonesome As A Shadow is out now on Thirty Tigers.

Official Video for Ain‘t Gotta Worry Child

Official Video for Lil Girls’ Name

Official Video for I Wanna Cry